Not wearing makeup to the workspace does it affect our professional life?

Not wearing makeup to the workspace does it affect our professional life?

Make-up has become an important part most of the people’s lives that most of them don’t know the face of other people without makeup. It is a choice that the individual makes that whether they need to use makeup for their face or not. It depends on the profession we do if one stopped wearing makeup to work because they put care on their skin or they don’t love it is good. Professionals like actors, musicians, and performers are required to do makeup as their profession demands it.


The benefits can make us feel full of bliss if we stop using make-up on a routine. People think makeup hides the damage on the skin but in reality, the regular use of makeup can damage our skin more. If a woman from your workspace is refusing to wear makeup to work that is a quite bold decision and it is appreciable. Though they might look dull and less glowing in the earlier days their skin gets healthier eventually they will become a natural beauty.

The skin becomes clearer as the damage from the chemicals in the cosmetics can cause more damage to your skin so avoiding makeup lets your skin breathe. They are not prone to chemicals other than pollution from external exposure.
You save loads of money and space as spending on the makeup products deducts a lot from your expenses making us carry less on our handbags.

Time-saving, we don’t have to wake up early nor stay in a rush as we have to hurry to do the makeup done. Checking on them often and fixing them is another process.

Self-love is something everyone needs in this generation having makeup on occasions and parties wouldn’t be a problem but it is better to show our real face than hiding behind cosmetics

The Lockdown result:

The idea of no makeup was seen here and there rarely before the lockdown made thousands of people get into this idea. As the work came into the home not wearing makeup at the office became a casual thing. If need to look better than my regular for a meeting or a client people do overwork themselves on makeup but during online meeting calls people avoided it. If we can meet a person without makeup on a virtual call with confidence then why can’t we follow it when we meet in person.