Reasons for brassy hair and how to get them fixed after bleaching or hair dye?

Reasons for brassy hair and how to get them fixed after bleaching or hair dye?

Hairstyles are always noticeable things on a person whatever attire one plans to get through it must blend well naturally. We do versatile styles, haircuts, and of course, coloring, bleaching them, and plenty more options available. But the coloring sometimes would disappoint us or ends up being brassy. We need get to rid of brassy hair after bleaching or after coloring them. We don’t have to worry about those orange color changes we can get rid of them easily just by home remedies.

How to rectify:

The orange hair is a result of highlighting or lightening your dark color hair so when bleached the hair undertone as brassy orange remains. More than light hair color the dark hair color turns light red or orange which does not need a salon to rectify.

Hair toner:

Hair toner is a colorless dye that is used to fix orange hair after dye because the natural pigmentation present in it helps hair turn to its original. It can be applied by mixing peroxide but only after bleaching or lightening the hair. The shampoo must a purple toner for the yellow undertone and blue toning shampoo for the orange undertone.

hair toner

Coconut with Apple cider vinegar:

We don’t need a professional guide fix brassy hair; we can naturally massage our hair with warm coconut oil as per the length of the hair. Leave it overnight then one cup of water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 4-5 drops of liquid purple mix them well and use it to rinse hair. Repeat the procedure every two weeks until brassy hair is gone.

Avoiding exposure to the direct UV rays of the sun to your hair will deduct the amount of damage and avoid getting your hair in seawater or saltwater that would damage hair easily.