How does stress affect our hair and the damages caused to our hair slowly?

How does stress affect our hair and the damages caused to our hair slowly?

The word stress has become a common thing in most people’s life because of the hectic and composed lifestyle we follow. But many people are not aware that stress affects your hair strands to their roots which is something we must put the care of. Many know that it affects our physical health and mental health about the damage to our hair it creates breakage in the hair too.

Less sleep:

losing hairMany effects lead to losing hair from stress one that plays a major role is lacking your regular sleep. Sleeplessness greatly affects a person’s full health as the process of repairing and replenishing your body is getting ditched. It gradually affects the hair and leads the issues from the roots of the hair.

Physical illness:

Many people don’t see things this way because stress ultimately reduces the physical health of a person so that the nutrients supply chain breaks and nutrients that are for hair are redirected to rectify your other health problems.


Jobs are one of the major reasons for stress in everyone’s life though we know stress are damaging your hair from the depth we can’t help it. Though the effects might not be more visible it gradually reduces the shine and the strength of the hair from roots.

scalp care


There are different stress types and telogen effluvium is the type of stress makes your hair fall out creates more hair damage. Not only damage shocking events and stress that create trauma gradually leads to pre-mature gray hair which is affecting youngsters these days.

Scalp care:

This is a visible effect of stress that is scratching the scalp and pulling the hair repetitively is a result of anxiety which damages the hair follicles from the roots and scalp of the hair.