The effect of imposter syndrome on women and ways to overcome the problem

The effect of imposter syndrome on women and ways to overcome the problem

Imposter syndrome not many people are aware of this concept only a few people who are going through it and the ones that support them are aware of this concept. Imposter syndrome is an experience where one believes that they are not capable of doing any task as others trust them to be. This to be seen statistically women experience imposter syndrome more than men in large numbers which is something everyone overlooks at. It is a phenomenon where one doubts their capacity in skills, talent, social skills, perfectionism and also working structure.

Reasons if IS:

While in the early days in 1978 when the researchers found about the reasons and difficulties of the phenomenon, they thought imposter syndrome hits women and not men. But the later experiments proved that men are prone to this but comparatively in less quantity than women are facing it. The gender difference and imbalance between men and women have always been a debating topic of all times and still ongoing.

impostor syndrome

Anxiety and lack of confidence to acknowledge their success lead a woman to experience the IS as we grew up with questions on us. The main reason was that women produce less amount of testosterone than man which is the confidence hormone. Because of the atmosphere, they grew up in when men face this syndrome they push and overcome it while women drown in and doubt their capabilities.

Results of Imposter syndrome:

The results state that 60 percent of women who had ideas to do a startup dropped the idea because of self-doubt on their capabilities. 28 percent of women don’t dare to speak up in the meeting as they lack confidence and 26 percent of working are scared to switch their profession or working structure. The lack of confidence in their own capabilities added by number has resulted in a huge backlog to the economic growth of the society.

Overcome IS:

The above results clearly state that women need to overcome impostor syndrome to get their careers on the right path. Overcoming imposter syndrome is in the hands of women who face it if you are thinking about how worthy you are ask your loved ones and you’ll realize your worth in people’s lives. Everyone doubts their abilities stop worrying about others opinion. Visualize your success daily and practice speaking to yourself confidently and list down what you want to be and go for it.