The impacts and damages that are caused by a blue light on the health of our skin

The impacts and damages that are caused by a blue light on the health of our skin

Cellphones and computers have become a part of everyone’s lifestyle that because of work, education, and many other reasons. Many know that it creates headache or eye strain problems but blue light harming your skin health many are not aware of it. The blue light from the computer screens and mobile phones is gradually affecting one’s complexion and even in higher chances, the possibilities are there for skin cancer too.

effect of blue light

Effect of blue light:

Blue light is nothing but a visible light spectrum that is available from sunlight, window light, and the screens of gadgets. Just like the sunlight that creates eyestrain the more exposure to the blue light from the internet gadgets for about 10-11 hours a day is affecting the complexion in age-related degeneration, dry eyes, and cataracts.

Many types of research studies state that more exposure to blue light creates an imbalance in lifestyle and sleeping habits including hormone production. But the effects of blue light on skin are still being unaware that more than 64 percent of people never knew about this. The blue light penetrates through the skin and affects the DNA and damages the collagen and elastic fibers.

Skin health:

Though the research and the results of blue light on skin health is not popularly known it is said that people with dark skin get redness, pigment changes, and other skin issues than people with lighter skin complexion. We spent a whole day on gadgets without realizing that cell phone’s blue light hurt your skin if we know maybe people would avoid their usage. Early aging, redness on the skin, and wrinkles at a young age are the ones among the resemblance of blue light damage on the skin. Cutting down the exposure to blue light screens unless it is important, using sunscreen would be a handful.