Ways to remove facial hair permanently: Home remedies of your convenience

Ways to remove facial hair permanently: Home remedies of your convenience

Everyone has their definition of beauty but one common thing for every woman is their clear and glowing skin. For clear skin, we need to remove facial hair for women because it stands in the way of their beauty standard. Everyone has minor facial hair but unwanted growth of them will affect the look one wants to claim. Let us have a look at DIY home remedies that will help to remove them permanently.

Aware of Hirsutism:

Excessive unwanted hair growth is different from hirsutism as if the growth of hair is high and your remedies to get rid of unwanted facial hair are in vain consider visiting a doctor. As if the facial hair is thick and dark with oily skin and pimples added up there are more chances of hirsutism.

unwanted hair growth

DIY remedies:

If you don’t want to damage your skin with harsh chemicals then home remedies with natural ingredients will give a gradual difference in the removal of facial hair permanently.

Papaya and turmeric mask:

Face masks will be a handful in hair removal permanently and it is well known that turmeric is best for hair removal from ancient times. 2 spoons of papaya paste, ½ spoon of turmeric powder, and 5 tbsp of aloe vera gel mix them to a paste. Apply and let sit for 20 min and rub it if off and wash with cool water.

Gram flour:

To remove the remove facial hair from your chin and jawline using 2 tbsp of gram flour with 2 spoons of rose water and one spoon of lemon juice make a mask. Apply and let sit for 30 min rub in a circular motion to remove.

Honey lemon mask:

In the needed area apply a mixture of full lemon juice and a spoon of honey let sit for 20 minutes which lightens hair and bleaches the skin.