Effective facial exercises on your regular workout to slim down your face

Effective facial exercises on your regular workout to slim down your face

The face is the first thing, everyone, notices from one person and it is a key to a first impression to anyone we meet. Being fit means not only one’s biceps and abs it means from a person’s head to toe. Like we do exercise to keep our body fit there are few exercises to slim down your face that can be followed regularly. Stress, obesity, aging, wrinkles there are many reasons that we get out the shape to bring back out to glow we can follow few exercises regularly.

Warm-up exercises:

Warm-up is really important for exercise the same goes for exercises for slimming your face before we get detailed about exercises there are small warm-ups for facial muscles. Vowels in the English alphabet A, E, I, O are the warm-up exercises, sit straight try to sound the letters as long as you can. This helps the facial muscles warm-up and now let’s get straight into the facial exercises to slim the face, possibly they can be helpful in anti-aging for your skin too.

The jaw flex:

Not everyone loves a double chin that gives an aged look so to get a defined jawline and trim the facial fat this exercise helps. Move your lower lip above the upper lip as far you can pull them then tilt your head back and look at the ceiling for about 10 -15 seconds. Repeat 10 -15 sets every day.

trim the facial fat

The chipmunk cheek:

If you want to reduce face fat with facial workouts this exercise is best. Same as jaw flex instead we need to suck our cheeks and hold them for 15 seconds and repeat.

The inhale:

Hold your breath and tilt your head back looking at the ceiling sustain it for 10 – 15 seconds. Repeat the exercise regularly to few sets to slim have a slim face.